Intricate array of musical instruments and artistic elements symbolizing Carlo Corazza's "Almanacco Musicale."

Almanacco Musicale

Carlo Corazza – Almanacco Musicale: A Symphony of Time and Tribute

Almanacco Musicale” by Carlo Corazza is an exceptional musical voyage, seamlessly blending a year of classical homage into an immersive listening experience. This album is a profound exploration of the historical and emotional landscapes of classical music, interpreted through the distinctive artistry of Carlo Corazza.

In this collection, each piece serves as a homage to a different classical composer or an iconic piece, carefully chosen to represent each month of the year. From the ethereal strains of Cesar Frank‘s compositions in January to the festive echoes of François Couperin‘s Christmas in December, Corazza connects listeners to the rich tapestry of musical history.
The album is a curated journey through time, where each note and melody is a brushstroke in a larger artistic portrayal.

With “Almanacco Musicale,” Carlo Corazza invites music enthusiasts to delve into a world where classical music’s timeless beauty is reinterpreted with modern sensibilities. The album stands as a tribute to the masters of the past, echoing their genius while infusing each piece with Corazza‘s unique creative vision. The instrumentation, arrangement, and execution of each composition are meticulously crafted to resonate with both purists of classical music and contemporary listeners.

The album unfolds over the course of the year, each release date bringing a new piece that contributes to this musical almanac. The strategic spacing of these releases allows listeners to anticipate and reflect upon each composition, enhancing their appreciation of the intricate connections between the pieces and their historical significance.

Almanacco Musicale” transcends the conventional boundaries of classical music albums. It is a narrative thread that weaves through epochs and emotions, inviting listeners to experience the depth and breadth of musical innovation. Through this album, Carlo Corazza achieves a rare feat—educating, entertaining, and inspiring his audience with every note. This is truly a musical odyssey, offering a unique perspective on the classical genre while celebrating the enduring legacy of its most revered composers.

Almanacco Musicale – Track by Track

Gennaio (Prelude) – January 3, 2025

Gennaio (Prelude) – Released on January 3, 2025 Carlo begins the year with Cesar Frank’s “Prélude Choral e Fugue,” capturing the majestic architecture of Frank’s composition, offering listeners a prelude to a year of musical beauty.

Febbraio – February 9, 2024
Oiseaux exotiques” by Olivier Messiaen is reborn through Carlo’s homage, exploring the exotic landscapes and bird songs that inspired Messiaen’s travels and compositions.    
Marzo (Frühlingsglaube) – March 8, 2024
A transcription of Franz Schubert‘s “Frühlingsglaube,” offering a sublime experience that mirrors the purity and emotional depth of Schubert’s music.    
Aprile – April 5, 2024
Maurice Ravel‘s “Tombeau de Couperin” is reimagined with a blend of impressionistic colors and harpsichord, paying respects to both Ravel and François Couperin.    
Maggio (Omaggio a Monteverdi) – May 3, 2024
Carlo pays respect to Claudio Monteverdi with “Lamento della Ninfa,” exploring the emotional and urgent expressions of the original madrigal.    
Giugno – June 7, 2024
A serene piece that captures the essence of a tranquil June evening, diverging from John Cage‘s avant-garde styles to embrace simplicity.
Luglio (Passeggiata Marina) – July 5, 2024

A musical stroll paying homage to Ennio Morricone, encapsulating the imagery of a seaside journey set against a backdrop of cinematic brilliance.

Agosto (Sweet Massi) – August 2, 2024

A playful exploration of Kurtag‘s techniques, dedicated to Carlo‘s firstborn, Massi, blending learning and discovery in a deeply personal composition.

Settembre (Meditazione su Chopin) – September 6, 2024

A meditative piece on Chopin’s works, capturing the introspection and emotional depth of Chopin’s sonatas and nocturnes.

Ottobre – October 4, 2024

An imaginative journey into Robert Schumann’s romantic letters, filled with the beauty of autumn and unspoken affections.

Novembre (Aspettandoti) – November 1, 2024

A reflective piece on the anticipation of fatherhood, inspired by Debussy’s “Children’s Corner,” resonating with the tenderness and patience of waiting.

Dicembre – December 6, 2024

A festive and free interpretation of François Couperin’s pastoral themes, celebrating the joy and beauty associated with Christmas.