We are thrilled to present “Alumni Vol.1,” an extraordinary compilation of performances by talented young musicians from the “C. PercotoMusic High School in Udine.

This unique initiative was made possible through the collaboration between Liceo Percoto, the renowned composer and pianist Carlo Corazza, and the Raighes Factory label.

The concept of creating this compilation took shape with the shared passion and dedication of Carlo Corazza, a teacher at Liceo Musicale Percoto and an artist with Raighes Factory. Carlo played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between these two entities, acting as a catalyst to connect young musicians with the support they need for their future careers.

The featured artists, hailing from the vibrant community of the Music High School, have expertly performed a range of eclectic pieces, spanning from classical compositions to contemporary works. This compilation is a testament to the talent and diversity within the emerging music scene.

The production and recording were meticulously handled by Prof. Federico Marcon, alongside students from the Music Technologies class at Liceo Percoto.

The result is an extraordinary sonic experience, enriched by the technique and passion of these young musicians.

Alumni Vol.1” is an ambitious project that celebrates emerging talent and provides a unique opportunity to explore the musical richness of the new generation.

Proudly distributed by Raighes Factory, this compilation serves as a bridge between the past and future of music, with the clear goal of supporting and inspiring the next generations of artists.

Composers and Tracks:

  1. Felix Blumenfeld – Étude de concert, op.24 Performed by Tommaso Biasutto (Piano).
    An emotional journey through Blumenfeld’s harmonic nuances, masterfully interpreted by Tommaso Biasutto.
    His sensitive performance captures the intensity and beauty of this Étude, transporting the listener into a world of musical emotions.

  2. Earl Hatch – Furioso and Valse in D minor Performed by Matteo Mendicino (Marimba)
    Matteo Mendicino’s marimba brings to life two contrasting worlds with “Furioso and Valse.” With mastery, he navigates between fury and grace, providing a unique experience that enchants the ears with its complexity and expressiveness.

  3. Angelina Boback – Fairytale (Trio for Piano and Strings) Performed by Emma Buttazzoni (Violin), John Lawrence Canaveral (Cello), Angelina Boback (Piano)
    The magic of the trio unfolds in “Fairytale,” a sonic tale skillfully woven by Emma Buttazzoni, John Lawrence Canaveral, and Angelina Boback. The piano harmonies intertwine with the string melodies, creating a enchanting and engaging fairy-tale atmosphere.

  4. Agustin Barrios – Julia Florida (Barcarola) Performed by Jacopo Urban (Guitar)
    Jacopo Urban’s guitar transforms into a poetic barcarole with “Julia Florida.” The delicacy of Barrios’ notes merges with Jacopo’s execution, taking the listener on a tranquil journey through musical waters.

  5. Federico Moreno Torroba – Torija (Elegy) Performed by Alessia Frisardi (Guitar)
    Alessia Frisardi captures Torroba’s melancholic soul with her emotionally rich performance. “Torija” is an eloquent elegy that, through Alessia’s guitar strings, conveys a deep sense of nostalgia and reflection.

  6. Carl Baermann – Romanze Performed by Filippo Pittaro (Clarinet), Alice Petris (Piano)
    The sweetness of Pittaro Filippo’s clarinet blends with the delicate accompaniment of Alice Petris in the sonic painting of Baermann’s “Romanze.” A musical love story unfolds through the expressive clarinet notes and pianistic harmonies.

Production and Recording: Prof. Federico Marcon Students from the Music Technologies class at Liceo Percoto in Udine

Together, Liceo Musicale “C. Percoto” and Raighes Factory invite the audience to immerse themselves in this extraordinary musical journey, where the voices of young talents merge to create a unique and unforgettable harmony.