Between The Dots

Between the dots

“Between the Dots” is a collective instrumental recording band born in L.A. in 2014.

In 2018 they release the first Full Band Instrumental Album L.A. Line
Produced by Roberto Diana between Sardinia (Raighes Factory Studio) and California (Hobby Shop Studio/The View Studio)
Recorded in California: Hobby Shop Studio (Los Angeles ) and The View Studio (Hollywood)


Roberto Diana: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Piano, Hammond, Guitar Percussions, strings and brass arrangement

Jeff Lewis: Trumpets, Trombone and Flugelhorn

Jeff Muzzerolle: Drums

Mike Hill: Bass

Miles Cole: Cello

Mixed by Stefano Olla at The View Studio Hollywood
Mastered by Roberto Diana at Raighes Factory Studio

After the first album, the band is releasing Instrumental Acoustic Guitar singles recorded and composed by Roberto Diana mostly during his time in L.A.

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