DuePenelopeUlisse – musiche dallo spettacolo teatrale” is a captivating album that emerges from the musical compositions created for the theatrical production of the same name, directed by Pino Carbone.
Released approximately five years after the show’s debut, which also had the opportunity to be performed at the Biennale Di Venezia – Teatro in 2019, this album beautifully captures the essence of the performance.

Blending elements of a soundtrack and a concept album, “Due PenelopeUlisse” by Camera presents a collection of recordings and rearrangements of songs intricately linked to the theatrical experience. Additionally, it includes new compositions that expand upon the creative process and delve into the themes of the Odyssey, the journey, the sea, and anticipation. Several tracks feature the enchanting vocals of Anna Carla Broegg, the actress and co-author of the theatrical work.

The sonic tapestry of the album fuses Mediterranean influences and traditional Italian melodies with a psychedelic rock, jazz, and electronic soundscape. The instrumental ensemble encompasses various instruments, such as piano, strings, electric bass, and drums, often filtered through the evocative tones of Moog and delay effects.
Ancient Mediterranean stringed instruments like the oud and baglama interweave with synthesizers, adding a unique flavour to the compositions.

Camera‘s vision for this project aims to build upon their previous works, further embracing the spirit of meticulous sound exploration and instrumental music.
By seamlessly bridging the gap between a soundtrack and a standalone musical experience, they have crafted a remarkable album that possesses its own distinct musical identity, transcending its origins as the inspiration for a theatrical performance.

The tracks were recorded in 2019 at Mob Studio in Rome by Matteo Spinazzè, utilizing a binaural microphone setup. The only exceptions are “Ulisse” and “Penelope,” which were recorded in Camera’s studio. The album artwork, skillfully designed by Achille Pacifico, perfectly complements the auditory journey captured within the music.

DuePenelopeUlisse – musiche dallo spettacolo teatrale” invites listeners on an immersive and introspective voyage, allowing them to traverse the realms of ancient mythology and contemporary musical exploration. It stands as a testament to Camera‘s commitment to sonic craftsmanship and their ability to create music that resonates deeply within the hearts and minds of their audience, both within and beyond the confines of the theatrical performance that sparked its inception

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