Contemporary Classical and cinematic music Cellist

Elliot O’Brian

About Elliot O'Brian

Elliot O’Brian is a Contemporary Classical Cellist whose music is cinematic in style.

His cello can be mellow and relaxing, or very epic and powerful.

Elliot has recorded a single “Cliff of Moher” and 2 EPs, which are ready for release in 2022.

Born in Drogheda, Ireland, Elliot O’Brian started playing the cello at the age of 10.

A natural talent, Elliot progressed quickly and soon began studying with some of the best cello teachers in the country. At 18, Elliot moved to London to study at the world-renowned Royal Academy of Music.

There he perfected his classical technique and also began exploring new styles of music, including Contemporary Classical and Film Music career.


in 2022, Elliot O’Brian released his debut single “Cliff of Moher.” The song is a beautiful and cinematic piece that was recorded in one take. The cello is mellow and relaxing, and the recording captures the stunning beauty of the cliffs. In 2022, Elliot plans to release 2 EPs that were recorded in Seattle and Los Angeles.

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