Improline Fidelity single cover


The piano whispers of haunting dreams, lamentations of a broken spirit. A mournful melody awakens, ethereal yet anguished, as if voicing sorrow’s shadow-given form.

The tune becomes a dirge of fading joy and wonder, recalling light now forever fled. Each note is a fading echo, a memory unravelling into dust. Subtle dynamics shift and fray, woven of regret for paths not taken and the truth discovered too late.

The grand piano resonates with the depth of deepest loss, a space of silence holding endless mourning. Its lingering reverberations suffuse the air with grief, as of a wounded heart set forever wandering. Here echoes forever the pain of love in ruins, a sorrow beyond all measure or mend.

In “Fidelity,” the composer awakens mourning without end. Melancholy coalesces into a song of mourning and lament, birthing tears with every plaintive, fading strain. There are no solaces here for any who have not lost all to time.

Each progression descends further into shadow, as a shattered spirit in free fall. The music’s dirge unravels endlessly onward, carrying the listener into an eternal night where none escape its sorrow’s dream. This piece lives and whispers always, a fading moan perpetually born anew of love in ruins.

This music speaks to those who recognize within its fading echoes the cry of their own broken heart. Who hear in each frail note the voice of joy now dust, and find that hollow always to be filled. The path here leads into darkness.

In the spaces between keys, the truth awakens – that only in ruin is beauty found. Solace emerges from shadow and meaning, the slow work of grief. Guidance comes only after shattering, a light forever dimmed by tears.

The piano weeps for hopes in mourning, and in its dirge, a haunting vision stirs – that every fading dream, each joy now dust, becomes a star. Every sorrow, a song. Every shadow, is a depth from which truth arises.