Hjördís felted piano for the track "Frosaken."


Frosaken” is a hauntingly beautiful piano solo that invites you to wander through frosty landscapes of melancholy and introspection. Hjördís’ masterful touch on the felted piano weaves a tapestry of cold beauty and emotional depth, creating a piece that resonates with the soul.

In this evocative composition, each note seems to hang in the air like a delicate frost, shimmering with the promise of introspection. The felted piano brings a soft, muted quality to the music, amplifying the sense of quiet contemplation and inner reflection. Hjördís’ performance is not just a technical display but a deeply emotional journey, inviting listeners to explore their own inner worlds.

As the melodies unfold, you are drawn into a serene and contemplative state, where time seems to stand still. The music’s gentle flow and subtle nuances evoke images of wintry landscapes, where the cold, crisp air heightens your senses and sharpens your thoughts. It’s in these moments of solitude and quiet that “Frosaken” truly shines, offering a sanctuary for those seeking solace and peace.