Groundless is a captivating musical odyssey led by Safir Nou.
This instrumental album, originally released on September 9, 2016 and acquired by Raighes Factory takes listeners on a soul-stirring journey through uncharted territories of dreams. With seven tracks that transcend conventional genres, Groundless is a masterpiece that leaves an indelible mark on the emotional landscape of those who embark on its sonic adventure.

About the Album: Groundless is a musical tapestry expertly woven by Antonio Firinu, featuring the Safir Nou band. The compositions traverse dreamscapes, drawing influences from post-rock, jazz, traditional folk, and contemporary classical music. Each track unfolds as a chapter, creating a seamless narrative that explores the realms of emotion, imagination, and melancholy.


  1. Imaginary Cloud
  2. New Lunacy
  3. Floating on a Note
  4. Blue Dance
  5. Land-escape
  6. Puppet’s Waltz
  7. Diary from the Groundless Land


“…a place suspended between sea and sky, in an imaginary land that allows, even if only momentarily, to forget the anxieties of the real world.” (Distorsioni)

Oca Nera Rock:
“…the not easy intent to awaken and stimulate those vibrations that belong to the emotional sphere of the human being and that often remain unexpressed.” (Oca Nera Rock)

“The production is impeccable and the pleasure of listening undeniable.” (Ziklibrenbib)

“Musical wisdom that has the sweet and uncontaminated taste of the sun that slowly sets while the fire gains strength in the braziers and the party begins to embrace the night.” (Rockerilla)

100% Bandcamp:
“A real little musical gem for a disc as rare as it is precious. Not to be missed.” (100% Bandcamp)

“Real good musical moments, impeccably instrumented and knowing how to play variations and intensities with brilliance.” (EtherREAL)

“…all Groundless aims to be is a touching expression of sentiment – nothing more, nothing less.” (FrostClick)

Babylon Radio2:
“Wonderful track this ‘Imaginary Cloud’… a very beautiful album.” (Musica Difficile Italiana)

“Meticulous and careful work, Safir Nòu’s album stands out for the lightness of touch.” (Traks)

“The melodies built by Antonio Firinu have the ability to lead far away to a welcoming refuge where imagination can roam free.” (SoWhat)

Liverpool Sound and Vision:
“…so much so that the positive energies that come directly out of the mind of the musician are enough to paint a different edge to reality and the dance we find ourselves creating.” (Liverpool Sound and Vision)

The Sunday Experience:
“Another release much deserving of a quiet moment, ‘groundless’ is exquisitely expressed in neo classical phrasings all intricately whittled and charmed in intimacy.” (The Sunday Experience)

Music Won’t Save You:
“Everything flows in a completely natural way, without creating feelings of disorientation, except for that sweet and dreamy lightness that transcends times, styles, and physical spaces.” (Music Won’t Save You)

NetMusic Life:
“Safir Nòu’s music rides the air, settling on spring breezes, smiling at the beauty that nature gives us every day without asking for anything in return.” (NetMusic Life)

“Groundless lives different souls… an airy and liberating world… even manic in the details and technical preparation of the musicians.” (Ondarock)

Beach Sloth:
“Truly lovely in nature, Safir Nou’s ‘Groundless’ is a radiant joy of an album.” (Beach Sloth)

Yeah I Know It Sucks:
“Safir Nòu’s ‘Groundless’ is a lovely help, a wonderful loving release that will certainly get you through the day, an angel in compositional forms.” (Yeah I Know It Sucks)