Is This Real?

Step into the serene realm of Ananda Ave‘s latest offering, “Is This Real?” – a captivating journey through the realms of New Age Ambient and contemporary instrumental music. Ananda Ave, the creative force behind this project, skillfully blends relaxing moods and peaceful sounds, creating a tapestry of sonic landscapes that is both cinematic and lo-fi, making this album a truly intriguing experience.

Is This Real?” is a collection of 12 tracks, each a unique exploration of emotion and atmosphere. From the dreamlike “Beyond the Door” to the contemplative “Will we meet again?” and the mysterious “Is this Real?” – Ananda Ave weaves a musical tapestry that is as diverse as it is captivating. The album invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world where synthesizers, piano, drum kit, electric guitar, and bass guitar come together to create a harmonious blend of sound.

Ananda Ave’s musical craftsmanship shines through in every track, offering a melodic sanctuary for the soul. The album’s sound is reminiscent of the tranquil moments found in Buddha Bar Compilations, yet Ananda Ave adds a unique touch that sets “Is This Real?” apart.


  1. Beyond the Door – 02:53
  2. Chyaplinsij – 02:27
  3. Behind the Noise – 01:43
  4. Will we meet again? – 02:03
  5. It’s a Ballad – 03:07
  6. Walk Wide – 02:40
  7. Seventh Stage – 02:21
  8. Bonjour Robin – 02:23
  9. Repeat, please – 02:44
  10. Is this Real? – 02:20
  11. New Transitions – 01:44
  12. Round Play – 02:50
  13. Cycle Cycle Cycle – 02:25

Ananda Ave: Synthesizer, Piano, Drum Kit, Electric Guitar, and Bass Guitar

“Is This Real?” is not just an album; it’s an invitation to escape, reflect, and find solace in the rich, emotive sounds created by Ananda Ave. A testament to the artist’s ability to transport listeners to a place where time stands still, “Is This Real?” is music to feed the soul.

Similar Artists: Fans of Buddha Bar Compilations will find a kindred spirit in Ananda Ave’s “Is This Real?” – a musical odyssey that shares the same commitment to creating an immersive and transcendent experience through the power of sound.