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James Filkins

About James Filkins

James Filkins is an exceptional fingerstyle acoustic guitarist and sonic meanderer, whose music is like an unfettered fresh water breeze for the ears and a steaming cup of cappuccino for your soul. He creates organic instrumentals that are a bit new age, a bit Celtic, acoustically melodic, and infused with vibrant, resonant, moody atmospheres and sonic textures.

Although his compositions are often solo acoustic guitar, James’ music is enriched by a menagerie of other instruments from cello, violin, flute, saxophone, electric guitars, whistle to guiro and congas, performed by musicians from around the globe. This creates a unique sound that transcends genres and captivates audiences.

According to Bridge Guitar Reviews, “James Filkins’ music is a treat for the ears – very reflective- a continuous flow of inspiration of the deeper layers of the soul.Minor 7th describes James’ music as “reflective and never hurried . . . A musical departure that expresses the peace and joy of having been here, and the hope to return.” Meanwhile, MISH MASH praises James’ work as “the essence of the music is all that matters here- almost impressionistic – shifting and drifting through a beautiful haze of sound.”

James’ music is moody, and optimistic, and sounds like the natural outpouring of a real guy who has played long enough to have a sound and understand what he’s trying to say with his instrument, as described by Glen Arbor Sun.
His music is often inspired by the landscape and locations around Northwestern Lower Michigan where he resides, as well as, from his travels far and wide.

Both of the title tracks from his CD, Summer Sands and Sleeping Bears, were inspired by the Sleeping Bear Dunes, a testament to James’ ability to draw inspiration from the world around him and turn it into musical magic.

If you’re looking for a truly unique and transcendent musical experience, look no further than James Filkins.