Fabio Mazzini Letters Album Cover


Letters by Fabio Mazzini is a profound journey through the artist’s soul, expressed through intricate guitar melodies. Each track in this album is a heartfelt letter, inviting listeners into moments of quiet reflection, nostalgia, and the deep bond of family. The compositions blend acoustic, electric, and lap steel guitars, creating a rich tapestry of sound that resonates with the listener’s innermost emotions.

From the nostalgic echoes of Carillon, inspired by a cherished childhood gift, to the tranquil meditations of Valbura along the serene riverside, Mazzini‘s music weaves a story of personal and emotional landscapes. From The East carries the weight of a melancholic tribute to war-torn regions, while Kai captures the spirit of adventure and the vastness of the sea.

Tirli and Three Mountains celebrate the beauty of nature, offering a retreat into the hills and prairies that hold a special place in Mazzini’s heart. Yabalya mourns the innocence lost in conflict, while Song to J is a tender love letter conveyed through delicate guitar harmonies. Kumulipo explores artistic rebirth, and Away invites the listener to embrace the unknown with an upbeat, adventurous spirit.

The poetic and romantic essence of Letters lies in its ability to transform sound into emotion, creating a serene and introspective atmosphere that lingers long after the music fades. Fabio Mazzini’s masterful guitar work makes this album a timeless collection of musical narratives, offering solace and reflection to all who listen.

Letters live session feat. Giovanni Tamburini

Fabio Mazzini: weissenborn (made by Giulio Cantore), EffeQuadro baritone electric guitar, EffeQuadro tenor ukulele

Giovanni Tamburini: flugelhorn

Tracks: Kumulipo – Yabalya – From The East

Recorded live at Creative Hub Studio by Alessandro Cosentino.

Filmed and edited by Paolo Roberto Pianezza and Lorenzo Lentini (Calzini Spaiati Production)