Live at Whisky a Go Go

Get ready for an unforgettable live music experience with Roberto Diana’s “Live at Whisky a Go Go.”

This live album was recorded at the world-famous Hollywood venue Whisky a Go Go on March 15th, 2014, and captures the energy and excitement of Roberto Diana’s live performance.

Featuring a blend of Mediterranean Folk Rock music, this live album showcases Roberto Diana’s talent as a musician and performer.
It includes songs from his album “Raighes Vol 1,” as well as the exclusive track “Empty Rooms,” which will be featured on his upcoming release “Raighes Vol 2.”

This live album was also nominated at the Independent Music Awards in the Best Instrumental EP category, highlighting its exceptional quality.
The physical CD of this album sold out during Roberto Diana’s European Solo Tour, a testament to its popularity and demand.

Filmed and edited by Tony Filipic, “Live at Whisky a Go Go” is a must-listen for fans of Roberto Diana and those who appreciate live recordings of talented musicians. Show your support for independent artists like Roberto Diana and don’t miss out on this exciting live album.

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