mediterranea Raighes Factory Compilation (Peaceful Piano)

Mediterranea (Compilation)

Mediterranea” is a compilation of 13 perspectives on a sea rich in beauty, poetry, and history.

Enchanting landscapes and lovely memories are generated by a sound that can be mild and mellow or piercing and strong, from the early morning enchantment to the relaxing lights of sunset.


Lorenzo Tempesti

Lorenzo Tempesti is an Italian soundtrack composer from Udine, Friuli Venezia Giulia. He has published various albums on his own (notably his piano CD While the others sleep, 2016) and participated in compilations by the international label Soundiva.

Michele Nobler

Michele Nobler always had a passion for music since he was a child, even before he was able to read the scores, he already played his original improvisations.

He considers music related to images and more generally to the perception of the world through “sound images”.

This passion, encouraged by Mo. Antonio Del Lungo, accompanied him during his 5 years of study at the Conservatory School of Experimental L. Cherubini of Florence (Mo. Rosario Mirigliano).


Enzo Orefice was born in Naples in 1972 and since childhood he approaches the study of the piano under the guidance of his mother, pianist and music teacher. Towards adolescence he began a serious study, aimed at obtaining the Piano Diploma, a goal he achieved in 1994 at the State Conservatory of Music “D. Cimarosa ”in Avellino, under the guidance of Maestro Nicola Setaro.

Gian Marco La Serra

Gian Marco La Serra is a pianist and composer from Rome. He graduated in classical piano at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in 2006 and performed as keyboardist in rock, pop and metal bands. Music teacher, he composes for piano in a contemporary-minimalist style, with several publications under his belt, also in collaboration with other artists.

andrea moro Raighes Factory Mediterranea

Andrea Moro

Andrea Moro is a songwriter and composer, born in Rome, he has followed numerous songwriting master classes with artists such as Bungaro, Giuseppe Anastasi, Saverio Grandi.

Igor Longhi

Pianist and composer Igor Longhi started his piano classical studies as a five-year-old kid.

During his musical life, he explored many different genres, from hard rock to reggae and in 2002, contributes to forming the international reggae band Makako Jump . 

During these years, he capitalizes on his musical influences, resulting from great masters such as Ludovico Einaudi, Yiruma, Yann Tiersen evolving into intimate, expressive music, making of classicism and minimalism his flag. In 2015 he started writing soundtracks for documentaries, commercials, and video clips.

Manuel Zito Piano Raighes Factory Mediterranea

Manuel Zito

Manuel Zito begins playing piano at the age of five. In 2002, he also dedicated himself to listen and play “non-classical” music too.
He graduates at the Conservatory “S. Pietro a Majella” of Naples in 2012 and starts to play with different band around Italy.
His passion for Nordic-European music (Olafur Arnalds, Johann Johansson, Nils Frahm) leads him to record his first album at the “Sundlaugin Studio” in Mosfellsbær (Iceland) in August 2017, Sigur Ros’ recording studio. Actually a tune “Ann’s Lullaby”, by Mellotron, is on “Peaceful piano”, the biggest Piano playlist on Spotify.

Ebe de Antonio Raighes Factory

Ebe De Antonio

Timeless, with an eye looking at the future: this is Ebe De Antonio’s musical vision.
Her compositions are characterized by a piano that can have an electronic texture, or left alone, to express the typical sounds of the “contemporary classic” music.


KeyPiKo (alias Daniele Serpi), pro pianist and arranger fro 20+ yrs. Eclectic musician he works as teacher, session player live and in studio (pop, classical, rock, swing, jazz and folk). During his carreer he worked with some great Italian artists such us  Simone Cristicchi, Audio2, Antonino Spadaccino, Paps’n’Skar, Neja. Since 2017 is working with the popular folk singer-songwriter  Maria Luisa Congiu.

Collettivo Armonico Esordio

Collettivo Armonico

“Collettivo Armonico” it’s a collective music project created by the composer Roberto Diana.

Music for Piano, strings and instrumental compositions performed by himself or with different musicians from all over the world.

Ada De Antonio (Raighes Factory)

Ada De Antonio

Alone, or paired with her sister EbeAda De Antonio specializes in the piano reinterpretation of great soundtracks of our times, both of the cinema and of the most well known TV series … except for some songs that are original or in collaboration with other artists.

Claus Egan

Claus Egan is a character created by Roberto Diana.
A Classically trained pianist who loves to create moments of peace with his fingers over the piano keys.


Mediterranea is an album of style and elegance brought to you by 11 different performers, and is without doubt one of the finest collections of solo piano work I have heard this year with ease. There are many stand-out offerings within this vast compilation of skilful performances, but taken as a whole, Mediterranea is an album that every discerning piano lover should be running out to add to their collections as quick as they can.

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Steve Sheppard

One World Music Radio

Song by Song

Mediterranea Song by Song

Sailing across the Mediterranean on board a sail boat, driven by the wind, in close contact with nature and with the more physical aspects of navigation, but without ever losing sight of the reasons that drive us to explore and experience it.

Music Sheets available at: https://payhip.com/b/Af2GK

Golfo degli Angeli (Angels’ Gulf) is a large bay in southern Sardinia: this track, included in the “Mediterranea” compilation along with a dozen amazing piano pieces, describes the enchantement and the peacefulness of the view in the early hours of the morning.

“Isola dei Gabbiani” is a beautiful place in the North of Sardinia. A place where I use to go when I was a child. A beautiful and romantic place with one of the beautiful sunset and sunshine in the world.

The wind is one of my sounds. A solitary sound, perhaps, but relaxing, sweet, affectionate.

Sorrento is a solo piano composition in a contemporary style and with a nostalgic mood. It is a homage to the Italian little town of Sorrento, with its characteristic gulf and source of inspiration for many artists. In the end of the piece a timeless Italian song is quoted, Caruso by Lucio Dalla, who died in 2012.

I walk over the sea, almost touching the sky, while I feel the wind and the sun on my skin. The emotions of a walk in the North-West of Malta reported on the piano by Lorenzo Tempesti.

Take a walk on the old port of Biserta in Tunisia and all the ancient souls will come to visit and walk beside you.

A feeling of peace, away from the crowds and the summer hype … here is the winter sea, an airy piano improvisation in which to find the right rhythm of life.

I thought about something that moved in the water. So I thought a jellyfish was perfect and I chose the Aurelia Aurita, called also “quatrefoil jellyfish”, I hope it will be lucky!

Those wonderful sensations that come to mind when we are close to the sea and we observe it…with admiration, joy, respect, desire, and with the curiosity of a child.

Caprera is a beautiful small island in the archipelago of La Maddalena (North Sardinia). This song has been composed remembering a walk there at the end of the summer.

Tavolara is a beautiful island in northern Sardinia. In this soothing piano peace, Ebe the Antonio recalls the memory of the majestic view of the island from the sea. The track is included in the “Mediterranea” compilation, a beautiful collection of 13 piano pieces dedicated to the Mediterranean sea.

This is a song that is born by imagining who faces a journey towards a new life (metaphorical or real). Preparation, departure, adversity and finally salvation.

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