Raighes Factory is excited to present “Nirvana“, the latest single by Ananda Ave. This release features three tracks that will take you on a journey to a state of relaxation and serenity.

“I thought it was nirvana”, the first track, is an ambient new age instrumental that features a Rhodes as the main instrument, accompanied by a soft synth and electronic elements that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This track is a true balsam for your ears and a perfect way to unwind and relax.

“I thought Rhodes nirvana”, the second track, is a different version of the first track but with a solo Rhodes, which creates a more intimate and personal experience.

“I thought piano nirvana”, the third track, is a different version of the first track featuring a piano solo, which gives the track a whole new dimension and feeling.

Ananda Ave’s “Nirvana” is a masterful EP that showcases the artist’s ability to create a sonic landscape that is both calming and introspective. These three tracks are the perfect addition to any relaxation playlist, and a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the beauty of ambient and new-age music. Get ready to immerse yourself in the peaceful and serene sounds of Ananda Ave’s “Nirvana”.

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