Notturna Luce

Notturna Luce” by Carlo Matti is a captivating neo-classical piano composition featured in the compilation “Notturna” by Raighes Factory.
This compilation, comprising 25 solo piano tracks in the modern classical genre, presents a comprehensive and deeply relaxing musical experience. “Notturna Luce” stands out as a calming journey through the intricacies of musical serenity.

Carlo Matti’s artistry shines through in this piece, weaving together calming melodies, enchanting harmonies, and a tender, heartfelt melody. The composition invites listeners to embark on a soothing musical exploration, embracing the tranquillity embedded in each note.

The entire “Notturna” compilation aims to reimagine the concept of “Nocturnal” compositions from the XVIII century. This ambitious project brings together 22 talented Italian pianists and composers, including Dario Crisman, Alessio Zucca, Andrea Carri, On Piano, Carlo Corazza, ThePianoPlayer, Endemico, Ada De Antonio, Luis Berra, Michele Nobler, Mario Sarritzu, Ebe De Antonio, Gian Marco La Serra, Andrea Moro, Piano Haiku, Manuel Zito, Claus Egan, KeyPiKo, Maya Sand, Collettivo Armonico, and Lorenzo Tempesti.

The compilation “Notturna” follows the success of the previous project, “Mediterranea,” which earned acclaim as one of the best releases of Modern Piano by One World Music Radio (UK). With its diverse array of talented contributors and a shared dedication to musical excellence, “Notturna” promises to be another standout collection in the realm of modern classical music.