Pianist and Composer

Pablo Montanelli

About Pablo Montanelli

Pablo Montanelli is a multifaceted artist from Buenos Aires, born in 1971, who has made a name for himself as a tango pianist, composer, and DJ. Growing up in a family of tangueros, his music is influenced by Blues and Rock, which can be heard in his current repertoire.
Pablo’s career started in the 90s when he began playing Tango with the Fratelli Branka duet, mixing different sounds of traditional tango and contemporary music.

In 1999, Pablo traveled to Europe with Kabaret Xquisit, where he continued to mix tango and other sounds. During 2009, he joined the El Cachivache Quintet, performing all over the world, showing danceable tango music with a contemporary sound, and spreading the Tango Punk style. He composed and arranged in the quintet.

Pablo released his first CD “PIANO PIANO” in 2016 as a soloist of proper compositions with the Tango Mío and Co-production in France.
In 2019, he recorded “RAYOLAZO,” his second album, with special guests. With the singer and composer Alfredo Piro, he formed the duet TANGÓTICO, mixing tango and rock with original compositions.

In 2020, Pablo presented “ANANDA” inspired by his trip to India and traditional and danceable tangos with his album “TANGO DEL FUTURO.”
He has toured extensively all over the world and gained recognition for his unique style that combines traditional tango with contemporary sounds.

Pablo’s latest album, “MERVEILLES” (2021), released by Raighes Factory (Italy), is dedicated to climate change.
Two of his singles, “Évolution Cellulaire” and “La fin de l’hiver,” released under Raighes Factory, and taken from the album “OM“, showcase his melodic and introspective piano playing that evokes feelings of romance and melodic beauty.

On February 24th, 2023, Pablo is set to release his latest album, “OM,” a neo-classical piano solo album recorded in the stunning Saorge Monastery in the South of France.
“OM” takes listeners on a journey towards universal consciousness through the language of music, and a portion of the proceeds from the album will be donated to support reforestation efforts and various environmental organizations around the world.
Pablo’s art is not just music, but a call for action towards creating a more sustainable future