Pédanterie Poétique

Experience the beauty of classical music with Pédanterie poétique, a captivating composition by Carlo Matti.
Discover the resolute art behind its intricate melodies and glimpse into the enchanting world of ancient travellers and millenary mysteries.

Pédanterie poétique (Poetic Pedantry) is a classical composition by Carlo Matti, taken from the upcoming Suite for Piano Solo: “Ritratto”.
It begins with a powerful, heavily classical-influenced theme that moves into a melancholic intermediate section before returning to the main theme.

Dedicated to his beloved, Carlo says: Your Pédanterie poétique (Poetic Pedantry) is funny. Only those who are forced could learn its art and understand how resolute it can be. The reward for the patient study is a glimpse of the suave world of ancient travellers, millenary mysteries and white witches.

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