Qualcosa che riguarda l’Universo

Qualcosa che riguarda l’Universo” is the first single taken from the upcoming Piano Suite “Ritratto“.

Qualcosa che riguarda l’Universo” is a secret weaving, a mystery that suddenly appears, an unexpected revelation during a common day.
It’s like discovering that colours aren’t just a sensorial datum, but moreover a vibration of light in an endless fresco.

The piece is built on a simple and linear melodic line, but it’s the way in which this line is developed, broken and put together again that makes it so special. The harmony is always new and fresh, never predictable because it’s based on the tension and the release of the melodic line.

The piano solo is the perfect vehicle for this kind of music: the piano can express the most delicate and intimate emotions, but it can also be powerful and majestic.

In this piece, the piano soloist is like a magician who weaves a spell on the listener, taking them on a journey to another world.

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