Daniel Curtis Trio performing "Reflected"


Reflected is more than a composition; it is a romantic ballad that invites you to ponder the fleeting nature of life’s moments. Picture an evening in Rome, where the city’s ancient streets whisper tales of love and loss. In the stillness of a distant shop window, your reflection stares back, a silent companion on your journey of self-discovery. The Daniel Curtis Trio captures this ephemeral beauty in their latest piece, Reflected.

The piano trio arrangement, deeply influenced by jazz greats, creates a soundscape that is both meditative and deeply romantic. The piano’s gentle notes dance like shadows on cobblestones, while the bass provides a steady, comforting heartbeat, and the drums whisper softly, as if sharing secrets of the night. Each element of the trio works in harmony, crafting a musical journey that is as introspective as it is captivating.

Reflected invites you to lose yourself in its melodies, to find solace and inspiration in its quiet moments. It is a song that mirrors your innermost thoughts and dreams, allowing you to see yourself in a new light. Let the music wash over you, like the warm glow of a Roman sunset, and discover the beauty in the passing of time.