Melissa Galosi’s album Reminiscence is a collection of EPs Reminiscence I, II, and III, featuring a mix of classical piano compositions by renowned composers Domenico Cimarosa, Domenico Scarlatti, and Baldassarre Galuppi, interspersed with original compositions by Melissa herself, inspired by the classical masters.

The album offers a delightful collection of music that will please any fan of classical piano music.
Each track is beautifully rendered with a delicate touch and an expressive interpretation that brings out the best in these well-loved works.
The original compositions, such as “Memory,” “Space,” “Lost Lights,” “Gleam,” “Distant Image,” and “White Desire,” are also very lovely, and it is clear that Melissa has been deeply influenced by the classical masters in her writing.

Reminiscence III, the latest EP included in the album, features two wonderful compositions by Baldassarre Galuppi, as well as two original compositions inspired by Galuppi’s works.
Galuppi’s compositions are beautifully executed by Galosi, who brings her own unique flair to the pieces.
The result is an EP that is both beautiful and original, and which is sure to please fans of both Galuppi and Galosi.

The album is a must-have for any fan of classical piano music.
Melissa Galosi is a skilled and talented pianist, and her interpretations of both classical pieces and her original compositions are simply beautiful.
This is an album that will be enjoyed again and again.
With a diverse range of tracks, it is a perfect blend of classical and modern piano music, it is a perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation.

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