Raighes Vol 1

Roberto Diana is a Sardinian musician who has gained international recognition for his solo albums, “Raighes Vol 1” and “Raighes Vol 2.”

These instrumental concept albums showcase his unique blend of Mediterranean Folk and rock and roll influences, making for an exciting and captivating listening experience.

Raighes Vol 1 was released in 2012 and was rated as one of the best instrumental albums of the year by several music magazines and webzines: Mescalina.it (IT), Buscadero (IT), Akustik Gitarren (DE), Guitar Club (IT), The Real Roots Café (NL) , R2 (UK) and others.

It was also nominated for the Best Instrumental Album category at the 12th Independent Music Awards.

The album was recorded and engineered at Acoustic Design Studio in Milan, Italy, and features additional recordings from Renilin Studios in Cortale, Italy.
It was mixed by Stefano Olla and mastered by Pietro Nobile at Acoustic Design Studio. Produced by Roberto Diana & Edward Abbiati addictional production by Stefano Olla

Raighes, which means “roots” in Sardinian language, is a concept album that explores the theme of roots and the importance of where we come from.
In Roberto Diana’s words, “Whether we search for them or not, our roots exist and they keep us standing, often we hardly notice. They are the only thing that we will never leave us, whatever route we take, they push as forward, far away, towards the unknown, searching for new places, new souls, new sensations, but they also tie us to where our journey began. No matter how long our journey will be, how many stops we will make, or how difficult the road we choose to travel on, a part of us will always be right there, where we come from and where it all began.”

Through the music on Raighes Vol 1, Roberto Diana wants to convey the idea that our roots are always with us and shape who we are, no matter where our journey takes us. It is a tribute to his own roots and a celebration of the culture and traditions that have influenced him.

Roberto Diana’s “Raighes Vol 1is a must-listen for fans of instrumental music and those who appreciate unique and diverse musical influences.

Get ready to be transported on a journey through Roberto Diana’s roots and experience the beauty and depth of his music.