Single artwork for A Quiet Guy's "Sapere tutto, conoscere nulla" featuring a foggy winter landscape.

S.1 e.2 Sapere tutto, conoscere nulla

The stillness of the Po Valley in winter is a silent symphony, and A Quiet Guy‘s latest track, “Sapere tutto, conoscere nulla,” is its echo. With just two guitars, the piece carves out a soundscape that feels both intimate and expansive. Here, in the simplicity of strings, lies a complexity of emotion — a contemplation of the fog that shrouds our understanding and the clarity that lies just beyond our grasp.

Drawing from the minimalist influence of artists like Ben Frost and the atmospheric resonance of Squrl and Ulver, “Sapere tutto, conoscere nulla” is an experience of meditative introspection. The ambient noise that touches the edges of this track is like the frost that bites at uncovered fingertips — a thrilling chill that awakens the senses to the beauty of the elusive.

As the music plays, the artwork stares back at you — a scene shrouded in fog, where the world softens and the horizon blurs. It’s the visual breath of the track, a moment suspended in time, inviting you to lose — and find — yourself in the haunting serenity of A Quiet Guy‘s musical mist.