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Todd Warner Moore


About Todd Warner Moore

Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, U.S.A., Todd Warner Moore has penned a diverse catalogue of music over time.  His newest album contains dashes of Folk, 60s Psychedelia,   Americana, 70s  Singer/Songwriter, Gipsy, and Latin music.

In the 90s, Todd co-wrote and toured with Acoustic Juice through the American Midwest, delivering firey songs to students in college towns.  Later, in Budapest, Hungary, he performed solo melodies in tea houses, where his expat band Tea Thieves would come to life.  Over several years, the energetic band would release three albums.  Before leaving Hungary, he finished his album titled Long Days. Todd has lived on Lamma Island in Hong Kong for the last eight years, where he plays at small festivals and pubs.

Moore has written and recorded three albums in 2018.  Spark, his second album of the year, was released at the end of October.


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