Zodiac” is a mesmerizing classical music album composed by the talented Carlo Matti. Each track on this captivating album is a musical journey dedicated to a different Zodiac sign, creating a celestial symphony that delves into the mysteries and intricacies of the cosmic realm.

The album opens with a profound incipit: “The Zodiac, the path of Life.” It emphasizes the idea of the Zodiac as a continuous circle, representing both the end and the beginning of life’s journey. In this musical odyssey, the celestial spheres come to life, and human perception reaches out to touch the boundless, eternal life of the universe.

The 13th track, “Zodiac,” stands out with its unique musical composition featuring vocals, inviting the listener to experience the mystical harmony of the cosmos.

As you traverse the Zodiac signs through each track, you’ll encounter the essence and energy of each astrological entity:

Aries: The cycle of life commences with Aries, where nature’s vitality surges, symbolized by the Ram leading the charge towards spring.

Taurus: The second constellation of the Zodiac, Taurus, embodies stability and rebirth. Its imposing presence in the sky, with its monumental horns and the ever-chasing Aldebaran, evokes a profound sense of strength.

Gemini: The third constellation, Gemini, serves as the gateway to the underworld, a celestial passage where the vastness of the unconscious world emerges.

Cancer: Cancer, the fourth constellation of the Zodiac.
The Crab comes from the obscure, like the light of the Moon, and carries the sun out of the salted water of the sea.

Leo: Leo, the fifth constellation, portrays the battle between the lion and the serpent, carrying the fiery sun of summer in its mouth. It symbolizes a universal battle, a representation of the ancient summer solstice.

Virgo: Virgo, the sixth constellation of the Zodiac.
Virgo is the furrow where the wheat grows up, is the sacred border of the city of the Gods. The summer is mature and full.

Libra: As the seventh constellation, Libra represents equilibrium, acting as the final defense of early autumn. It embodies a place of suspended silence and anticipation.

Scorpio: The eighth constellation, Scorpius, depicts the scorpion holding the sun with its claws. This celestial entity marks the rise of the second gate in the sky, bringing autumn with a unique blend of danger and love.

Sagittarius:  the ninth constellation of the Zodiac.
Sagittarius is the sacred warrior, the irrepressible arrow of the sky, the neverending amazement and surprise.

Capricornus: The tenth constellation, Capricornus, represents the fusion of water and earth, symbolizing metamorphosis and change. It is the embodiment of the impossible creature that opens the door to winter.

Aquarius: Notably, the track dedicated to Aquarius has charted at #1 on iTunes Charts in Classical Music in Sweden, a testament to the exquisite composition and the remarkable talent of Carlo Matti.

Pisces: The journey through the Zodiac concludes with Pisces, bringing this celestial odyssey to an enchanting and harmonious close.

“Zodiac” by Carlo Matti is a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries, taking listeners on an otherworldly voyage through the cosmos, exploring the deep connections between the universe and the human spirit. Each track is a unique experience, a reflection of the Zodiac’s profound influence on our lives and the mysteries of the celestial world.

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