A Piano Sailing

A Piano Sailing” is a beautiful and emotive album by Michele Nobler that captures the epic and shared experiences of a crew on a sea voyage.
With each track inspired by a piano on a sailboat, this album is a true masterpiece.
From the powerful and dramatic “Sailing in Big Waves” to the haunting and ethereal “Echoes of Sirens,” Michele Nobler’s compositions transport the listener to the open ocean and the emotions that come with it. “Together at the Helm” and “Making Bread” capture the camaraderie and teamwork of the crew, while “One Day in Iceland” and “Black & White” showcase the stunning landscapes and natural beauty encountered on the journey.
The final two tracks, “An Old Silent Movie Love Story” and “An Old Silent Movie Love Story (Upright),” provide a romantic and nostalgic conclusion to the album.
A Piano Sailing” is an incredible journey through the power of music and the human experience.

– “A Piano Sailing” has been charted #6 on iTunes Canada (Classical Music) 


1. Sailing in Big Waves 02:35

2. Echoes of Sirens 03:45

3. Aerial Cliff 02:15

4. Together at the Helm 02:31

5. Making Bread 01:27

6. One Day In Iceland 02:27

7. Black & White 02:33

8. an Old Silent Movie Love Story 02:00

9. An Old Silent Movie Love Story (Upright) 02:01

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