"Fragile" by Carlos Maya is a beautiful piano composition that will take you on an emotional journey, featuring a delicate and emotional performance set in the National Museum of Colombia.


Carlos Maya‘s latest release, “Fragile“, is a stunning piano composition that will take you on an emotional journey.
Set in the National Museum of Colombia, the beautiful Steinway piano creates a warm and intimate atmosphere that perfectly complements the delicate and emotional performance.

With its contrast between two main themes and delicate transition, “Fragile” is a composition that exudes a sense of grandeur and majesty. Written in the key of C minor, this exquisite piece of music is sad, romantic, and will leave you feeling deeply moved and captivated.

Carlos Maya’s ‘Fragile‘ is a beautiful composition that showcases his musical talents and emotional depth,” says the label. “It’s a powerful and moving piece of music that is perfect for anyone looking to connect with their emotions and experience something truly beautiful.

Listen to “Fragile” now on all major streaming platforms and experience the emotional depth of Carlos Maya’s beautiful piano composition.

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