Contemporary classical composer and pianist

Carlos Maya

About Carlos Maya

Carlos Maya is a gifted composer and pianist whose music has been gaining popularity on Spotify in 2021.
His latest releases, including the ethereal “Air” and the melancholic yet optimistic “A Light to Lead the Way,” have been well-received by fans and have helped to grow his social media presence.

In his own words, his music is “written from an emotional perspective” and creates an emotive atmosphere that allows the listener to imagine their own path.

Carlos Maya began his musical journey during the 2020 isolation period when he wrote his debut album “Isolation Songs for Piano” entirely at home.
This album, which includes the evocative “Terse” and the haunting “The Return,” showcases his incredible talent and emotional depth as a composer and pianist.
His compositions are masterfully performed on a Steinway piano model D at The National Museum of Colombia, adding a sense of grandeur and majesty to his music.

Carlos Maya’s music is truly remarkable and has the ability to transport the listener to a different place. His emotional and evocative compositions are not to be missed.

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