Agya: The Sixth Chakra

Agya: The Sixth Chakra is the sixth EP on the album Chakras: Music for Meditation by Maya Sand. This EP is designed to provide a musical journey through the energies of the sixth chakra, which is associated with intuition, perception, and wisdom. The tracks on this EP feature piano compositions with soft accompaniments, evoking a sense of introspection and contemplation.


“Careful” is a beautiful and moving piano piece that showcases Improline’s talent for creating music that is thoughtful and emotional.

The Water Song

The Water Song is a beautiful and romantic neo-classical composition that will transport you to a world of emotion and melody.


“Earthbound,” a mesmerizing and romantic single composed by the talented James Filkins. The track is a reflection of the human desire to transcend the mundane and explore the boundless possibilities of the universe.

Wide Space

“Wide Space,” by Ananda Ave features two versions of the same melody,in a cinematic ambient and new-age style.

Making Bread

“Making Bread” is a heartwarming piano classical composition performed by Audio Waves and composed by the talented Michele Nobler.

Andromeda Nebula

Andromeda Nebula transcends the boundaries of traditional music, inviting listeners on a sonic odyssey through the celestial tapestry of the universe.

Three Mountains

Three Mountains is a captivating instrumental piece by Fabio Mazzini that pays tribute to the beautiful hills surrounding his beloved city, Imola.