Sweet Wind

Experience the serenity and tranquillity of “Sweet Wind” – the beautiful piano solo collaboration between Collettivo Armonico and Carlo Matti.

Winter Soul

Experience the soothing and enchanting melodies of Zeekart’s latest instrumental track, ‘Winter Soul’, perfect for unwinding and relaxation


Safir Nou’s instrumental post-rock music is an innovative journey into the liminal space between sky and earth.

Echoes of Serenity

“Echoes of Serenity” by Yoga Guitar, is a soothing and meditative instrumental track that is perfect for relaxation and reflection.

Closing My Eyes

“Closing My Eyes” by ThePianoPlayer is a soothing and peaceful piano composition that will transport you to a world of calm and romance

Juego de Otoño

‘Juego de Otono,’ by Carlos Maya, is a masterpiece that captures the essence of autumn with stunning beauty and emotional depth.

New Temple

Experience the cinematic soundscape and positive vibes of Ananda Ave’s New Temple – perfect for relaxing meditating and dancing along to playful melodies.


Experience the serene beauty of sunrise with the tender and soothing neo-classical piano solo of ‘Alba’ by Improline.


Escape to a cozy, dreamy atmosphere with Rodolphe J.’s new Lo-fi hip hop instrumental, Nostalgia – perfect for relaxation and ambiance.