Safir Nou

Safir Nou’s instrumental post-rock music is an innovative journey into the liminal space between sky and earth.

Art & Spencer

Art & Spencer’s sound is a fusion of virtuosic fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing and ethereal ambient synths.

Jerry Thomas Trio

The Jerry Thomas Trio draws inspiration from some of the greatest jazz artists of all time such as Red Garland, Wynton Kelly and Hank Jones.

Elliot O’Brian

Elliot O’Brian is a Contemporary Classical Cellist with a cinematic style. His music can be mellow and relaxing or very epic and cinematic.

Rodolphe J.

Rodolphe J. is a composer of electronic music since the 2000s. His compositions are created with analog instruments.


Improline is the side project of Enzo Orefice aka ThePianoPlayer. His music is very melodic and fits nicely in the Neo-Classical piano style.

Fabio Mazzini

Fabio Mazzini is a Folk World music guitar composer. He is very versatile using Weissenborn Guitar, Electric Guitars and Fingerstyle.

Melissa Galosi

Melissa Galosi is a Classical and Neo-classical pianist with a recognizable sound and sense of melody. Music to feed your soul


Ambient Experimental About Zoluna Zoluna creates soundscapes that conjure feelings of the surreal and the liminal. Recording from a home studio, the experimental composer contorts and distorts guitars, synthesizers and bells to achieve a dream-like introspective ambience. Inspired by occult tales and outsider music, caves and oceans, Zoluna composes odes to fading memories and distant …

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Contemporary Classical Music About Ucronie Ucronie is a cinematic, contemporary classical music project. Classical instruments with electronic elements. Recent releases Releases Kaf