Raighes Factory is thrilled to present “Earthbound,” a mesmerizing and romantic single composed by the talented James Filkins.
The track is a reflection of the human desire to transcend the mundane and explore the boundless possibilities of the universe.
Inspired by John Mauk’s Field Notes for the Earthbound, the song takes us on a journey through the lens of childhood imagination and the longing for freedom.

The chill and calm moods of the music create a perfect atmosphere for introspection and contemplation. The guitar and other instruments are played with such beauty and precision that they paint a vivid picture of the protagonist’s desire to fly, unencumbered through the air like a bird.
This is a track that will take listeners on a magical journey and leave them feeling uplifted and inspired.
Raighes Factory is proud to release this incredible single and can’t wait for audiences to experience the wonder and beauty of “Earthbound.”