Feel Like Home

Feel Like Home” by the Jerry Thomas Trio is a lively and fresh Latin jazz tune that is sure to put a smile on your face.
With its wonderful melody and upbeat rhythm, this track is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add some positivity to their day.

The Jerry Thomas Trio have masterfully blended Latin rhythms and jazz melodies to create a unique and enjoyable sound in “Feel Like Home”.

The piano, double bass, and drums come together to create a cohesive and upbeat sound that is both energizing and soothing.

The piano solo is particularly noteworthy, as it showcases Jerry Thomas’ masterful technique and emotive playing style. “Feel Like Home” is a must-listen for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

It’s a perfect track for those who appreciate Latin jazz but also want to discover something new and exciting. The track brings a fresh and modern twist to the genre. Perfect for any kind of setting, whether you’re having a party, dancing or just relaxing.

It will make you “feel like home” no matter where you are.

So, give it a listen and let the Jerry Thomas Trio’s “Feel Like Home” bring a bit of positivity to your day.