Jazz Piano Trio Project

Jerry Thomas Trio

About Jerry Thomas Trio

The Jerry Thomas Trio is a Piano Jazz project.
A captivating Double Bass sound is accompanied by a smooth Drum playing with beautiful piano melodies and chord changes.
Jazz tunes are designed to soothe and focus your thoughts while listening to them.
You’ll love listening to these amazing music when studying, working, or hanging out with friends.
The Jerry Thomas Trio endeavour is the culmination of the three members’ many years of musical expertise. Their music is based on unique compositions.
The Jerry Thomas Trio’s goal is to spread positive energy and provide listeners with a delightful musical experience.

The Jerry Thomas Trio draws inspiration from some of the greatest jazz artists of all time. Their music is heavily influenced by Red Garland, Wynton Kelly, Hank Jones, Kenny Drew and Tommy Flanagan.
These musicians were known for their smooth playing style and impeccable technique. Their music is timeless and always sounds fresh.
If you’re looking for some soulful jazz to relax to, the Jerry Thomas Trio is definitely worth checking out.

A place of music where new ideas, sounds and arts comes to light. Here noise becomes sounds and notes becomes harmonies. The factory studio is based in Sardinia but the project is extended all over the world.