Artistic representation of June evening with celestial and floral elements


Giugno,” part of Carlo Corazza’s upcoming album Almanacco Musicale,” captures the fragrant essence of June evenings in a seamless blend of classical homage and modern artistry. Inspired by the serene beauty of June, this piece offers a poetic and evocative soundscape, enveloping listeners in a tranquil musical journey.

In June 1978, the avant-garde composer John Cage, renowned for his pioneering work with the prepared piano and Aleatory music, embarked on a unique event—sonorizing a train in Emilia Romagna. While “Giugno” bears no direct relation to Cage’s experimental endeavors, it subtly echoes the spirit of innovation and exploration that Cage embodied. This composition, born in June 2023, celebrates the nostalgic and fragrant air of June evenings, blending Corazza’s unique creative vision with classical influences.

Almanacco Musicale is an exceptional musical voyage, where each piece serves as a homage to a different classical composer or an iconic piece, representing each month of the year. From the ethereal strains of César Franck in January to the festive echoes of François Couperin’s Christmas in December, Carlo Corazza connects listeners to the rich tapestry of musical history.

The album unfolds as a curated journey through time, each note and melody serving as a brushstroke in a larger artistic portrayal. With meticulous craftsmanship in instrumentation, arrangement, and execution,  Corazza resonates with both purists of classical music and contemporary listeners.

Almanacco Musicale transcends conventional boundaries of classical music albums, offering a profound exploration of musical innovation and legacy.

Carlo Corazza’s work stands as a tribute to classical music’s timeless beauty, reinterpreted with modern sensibilities. Each piece invites listeners to reflect on the intricate connections between historical significance and contemporary creativity. Through this album,  Corazza educates, entertains, and inspires, crafting an enduring legacy of his own.