Hari Priya Mantra Yoga Raighes Factory Label

Hari Priya

Hari Priya

Hari Priya Mantra Yoga Raighes Factory Label


All these mantras are mantras of love, there is no restriction, age or moment, everyone can sing them in any situation. Normally I do not recommend literal translation, but listening through them in the heart.
Because being transcendental mantras manifest directly from the heart, slowly with patience and constancy, they lead us directly to that frequency ūüôŹ

About Hari Priya

Hari Priya d.d. born in Italy but her training has been mostly in India, under the guidance of the spiritual teacher Bhaktivedanta Sadhu Maharaj.
Her music is often compared to Krishna Das, Shyamdas, Bhagavan Das for the powerful and intense performance of mantras.

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About Mantras

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya: There can be no love without a form. Love is action and relationship. “Vasudeva Mantra” is opening the heart, perfect fit for any Mantra, Yoga, Reiki. “Om” the sound from which the material worlds spring, “Namo” is a tribute, “Bhagavate” is the form, “Vasudevaya” is the relationship.
Each mantra evokes an energy, working in its form through us, the literal explanation is not enough to lead to Truth, by listening to these vibrations we are going to unlock the knots of material bonds and precisely the wrong attitudes or repetitive patterns that do not help us  to rise, to grow.
 And this is one of those mantras
 Inner peace leads to happiness
The great Mantra, represents the perfect union between male and female in Divine form, it is an embrace of Love
 Hare is pure love, compassion
 Rama represents divine joy
 Krishna the charming sweetness
¬†It is the only mantra represented as the “Maha” the great
 Sung in various philosophical currents and very powerful, it contains the secret of the eternal divine relationship that we have momentarily forgotten on this material level
Only unconditional love can ban everything, the absolute
 Love is more powerful than anything else, Love is giving oneself
 Love is action, Love is an embrace
The Goddess of Compassion Radharani, through her Love we can understand and realize ourselves, mantra that travels on the frequencies of the Heart
 And bring about that peace plan
Chanting the Mantra is a real meditation
 Through this mantra, sweetness can be savored
 Sharing and exchange in a relationship that is based on sweetness
 The nourishment that the divine mother gives through unconditional love
 The concept of family, the concept of love within it, in its sacredness
Bolo means “Sing”
 The cow in India is considered the mother, because it feeds anyone through its milk, it always dispenses little more, not only for its baby
 The mother feeds, the mother is sacred
 Energy, connection with the Divine Mother
Hare female energy
 The energy of Love which contains compassion, in feeling and in the faith that all we live is a growth towards the Divine
 In everyday life in small things we can start to introduce this compassion and this faith first towards ourselves and then the desire will come to turn it towards the Divine <3 in an inner search that inevitably leads us to unconditional Love
Love without expecting anything in return, only the one who knows how to love unconditionally can teach it
 Radha is pure compassion, unconditional love in its perfection