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Zoluna creates soundscapes that conjure feelings of the surreal and the liminal. Inspired by occult tales, outsider music, caves and oceans.

Dario Crisman

Dario Crisman is an Italian pianist and composer. He loves contemporary composers as: Olafur Arnalds, Josh Kramer, Christopher Dicker, Dominique Charpentier, Joep Beving, Jordane Tumarinson, Bzur, Michele Nobler, Daigo Hanada, Stephen Moccio, Jakob LaValle and many others.

Carlos Maya

Carlos Maya Neo-Classical Pianist. His music creates an emotive atmosphere that evokes in the listener a path for his own imagination.

Antonio Arcieri

Antonio Arcieri is a Composer specialized in the use of keyboards, synthesizers and computers both as musical elements and production tools.

Michele Nobler

Contemporary classical Piano. Mainly focused on the neoclassical piano, following the modern minimalism of Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds.

Elson Complex

Fingerstyle acoustic guitarist who loves soundscapes with acres of space between the notes. Spanish guitar with Classical, Blues, Rock and Folk music influences.