Welcome to the music Factory made in sardinia

We work as a Factory to create the perfect vibes

Born by an idea of the musician Roberto Diana.
“Raighes” means “roots” in Sardinian language.

Raighes Factory it’s not a classic label or only a recording studio but something different.

It’s a place of music where new ideas, sounds and arts comes to light.
Here noise becomes sounds and notes becomes harmonies.

The factory studio is based in Sardinia but the project is extended all over the world.

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Editorial Spotify Playlists

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Peaceful Piano by Spotify
Ada De Antonio
"Golfo Degli Angeli"
Autumn Piano by Spotify
Maksimum Konsantrasyon by Spotify
The Magnificent Piano Spotify Editorial Playlist - ThePianoPlayer (Raighes Factory)
The magnificent Piano by Spotify
Indie Instrumental an Editorial Playlist by Spotify
Indie Instrumentals by Spotify
Cena con Guitarras and Editorial Playlist by Spotify
Cena con Guitarras by Spotify
Cosy Acoustic Morning an Editorial Playlist by Spotify
Cozy Acoustic Morning by Spotify
Wake Up Gently Spotify Editorial Playlist Ada De Antonio (Raighes Factory)
Wake Up Gently by Spotify
Piano in The Background by Spotify
Piano dinner by Spotify
Serenity by Spotify
Blues Focus by Spotify


Collection of Fingerstyle and Fingerpicking songs with Acoustic Guitar and related instruments.
Include some of the best talent and new discovers out there.

A collection of instrumental music. Perfect for relaxing, studying, meditation, or working. Includes New Age, Classical, World Music and Ambient Music. | Brani Strumentali. Perfetta per studiare, rilassarsi e meditare.

Modern Piano Instrumental pieces to listen while Reading, Painting, dreaming and living. 
Some of the Top Artists and Composers out there

A Collection of Sardinian Music. Traditional and Evergreen. With Maria Carta, Tenores di Bitti, Andrea Parodi, Piero Marras, Coro Ortobene, Piero MArras, Elena Ledda, Ispiriendi, Roberto Diana, Tenores, Cantores, Launeddas, Pippiolu, Cantos a Chiterra, Canto in Re, Organetto and More. 

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