Abstract artwork of intertwined feet for Michele Nobler's "Kisses on Tiptoe" album cover.

Kisses on Tiptoe weaves a tapestry of delicate piano notes, each one a gentle step towards a loving embrace. Composed by Michele Nobler and performed by Audio Waves, this track draws inspiration from those quintessential movie scenes where a simple kiss is transformed into a moment of cinematic beauty. The music, slow and romantic, holds a sentimental melody that rises gently, engaging listeners in an auditory embrace that’s as intimate as a whisper.

The piece is recorded in two distinct versions, both featuring a prepared acoustic piano whose timbre hints at the subtleties of ASMR, making every note resonate with a clarity that is both calming and enchanting. Ideal for fostering moments of focus, encouraging relaxation, or accompanying a quiet read, “Kisses on Tiptoe” maintains a simple, minimalist structure that invites listeners to savor the beauty in simplicity.

Through its subtle composition and the emotional depth of its melody, “Kisses on Tiptoe” offers a soundtrack to moments of introspection and peace, echoing the sweet, fleeting seconds of a movie kiss.