Artwork for Carlo Corazza's single "Maggio (Omaggio a Monteverdi)" depicting mythical and musical elements in a surreal seascape.

Maggio (Omaggio a Monteverdi)

In the serenity of his latest creation, Carlo Corazza presents “Maggio (Omaggio a Monteverdi)”—a piece that not only reveres but resonates deeply with the timeless lament of Monteverdi’s “Lamento della Ninfa.” The artwork, a confluence of mythical and musical iconography against a backdrop of a surreal seascape, visually echoes the emotional depth and historic reverence encapsulated in the music.

Taken from the anticipated album “Almanacco Musicale,” due in January 2025, each track in this collection represents a unique musical entry linked to historical figures or significant events in the realm of classical music. “Maggio” stands as a delicate yet profound tribute to Claudio Monteverdi, born on May 9, 1567, whom the world celebrated as “Divine Claudio” for his unmatched compositional skill. Here, Carlo Corazza captures the essence of Monteverdi’s approach, allowing the nymph’s voice to resonate “in tempo del animo,” mirroring the urgency of her emotions with a delicate touch on the piano.

This single is part of a grander musical odyssey that invites listeners to traverse through the annals of music history, rediscovering the beauty and the emotion that classical compositions have to offer. As we approach the release of “Almanacco Musicale,” we anticipate the connection listeners will find within each note, each melody being both a story and a study in the legacy of classical music.