Introducing “OM” – the latest album from pianist and composer Pablo Montanelli
Recorded in the stunning Saorge Monastery in the South of France, “OM” is a neo-classical piano solo album that takes listeners on a journey towards universal consciousness through the language of music.

Montanelli’s masterful piano playing is accompanied by the natural ambience of the monastery, creating an immersive and transcendent listening experience.
But “OM” is more than just an album – it’s a call to action.
In a time when our planet faces unprecedented environmental challenges, Montanelli is using his art to make a difference.
A portion of the proceeds from “OM” will be donated to support reforestation efforts and various environmental organizations around the world.

With “OM,” Montanelli invites us to reflect on our impact on the planet and take small, yet meaningful, steps towards creating a more sustainable future.
It’s a call for unity, connection, and for action. Join us in supporting this important cause and be moved by the beauty of “OM.”

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