Poplars in the Wind

We are delighted to present “Poplars in the Wind,” an enchanting and serene single composed by the incredibly talented James Filkins.

This composition is a heartfelt homage to the natural beauty that surrounds his home in Northwestern Lower Michigan, particularly the poplar trees that sway in the wind during the summer and fall seasons.

Poplars in the Wind” captures the essence of this serene natural symphony, with a mood that is chill, romantic, and calm.

The song evokes the sensation of lying on a comfortable couch on a screened-in porch, gazing up at a grove of tall poplar trees as their leaves twirl and shimmer in the breeze. The sound of the leaves rustling is akin to the soothing rush of fast-flowing water or the gentle fizz of carbonated liquid.
James Filkins‘ musical interpretation is a perfect reflection of this tranquil and immersive experience.
Poplars in the Wind showcases the versatility of James Filkins as a composer and musician, as he harmoniously blends the melodic notes of his custom multi-scale baritone guitar, crafted by the skilled luthier and artist Russell Crosby of Nova Scotia, with the beauty of nature.
Poplars in the Wind” is not just a song; it’s a sensory journey that invites listeners to connect with the serenity of the natural world.