We are thrilled to announce the release of “Winchester” by Gary O’Slide, an incredibly talented musician known for his exceptional skills on the Dobro (Resonator Guitar).
This new track is a perfect blend of desert sounds and blues touches that is sure to captivate audiences around the world.

Since its release, “Winchester” has quickly become one of Gary’s most popular songs, reaching impressive heights on multiple blues charts.
In October 2020, the song reached the 12th position on the UK Blues Chart.
The song also performed well in other countries like Italy (#51), Nicaragua (#12), El Salvador (#8), Sri Lanka (#5), Vietnam (#2), Sweden (#198), and Malaysia (#31) from Jan 2020 to June 2021.

As a label, we are incredibly proud to represent such a talented artist and are excited to see the continued success of “Winchester” on the charts. We encourage all fans of blues music to give this track a listen and see for themselves the incredible talent of Gary O’Slide. Keep an eye out for more exciting music from this artist in the future.

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