Giulia Cartasegna

Giulia Cartasegna

Violin | Viola | Tanpura | Percussions


Ispiriendi is a wave of emotions. This project is made possible thanks to the beautiful voice of Marco Muntoni, voice of the Coro Gabriel (Tempio’s traditional choir). Which voice is naturally melodical and clearly traditional. And thanks to the guitars of the awards-winning Roberto Diana, musical explorer, that guarantee the fusion between past and present. All the work is adorned by the classical violin of Giulia Cartasegna.

Latest release

Ispiriendi has some original tracks and other that are from Sardinian tradition. This last tracks are totally revisited and turned upside-down with the intent to take the listener in a magic roaming into the Sardinian culture.


The most known tradition tracks are: Su Bolu e S’Astore, Nanna Corsa e No Potho Reposare.


And one of the original is “Lu Tempu”. The words are taken from a poem of Don Gavino Pes. Lu Tempu wants the listener to reflect on life and past time.


“Ventu chi Veni e Ciocchi” tells about the horrible fire that devastated an area of Tempio Pausania in 1983. Every year this song is played during the commemoration of the victims.



Giulia Cartasegna

Violin, Viola, Benas and creative noises.

She comes from the classic training, studied with M° Maurizio Cadossi. She a young and talented violin player. In love with the Sadinian culture and opened to different music genre, she has collaborated with Roberto Diana on different project, playing violin, tampura, swarmandal, percussions, maldolin and benas.
She toured with Roberto in Uk and USA. In 2017 she was on a long tour in the Hebrides with the singer songwriter Donald McNeil and his daughter Jen.
Now she collaborates with different classical ensemble.
On Ispiriendi Giulia plays violin, viola, percussions and benas.


Nanna Corsa (Trad. Revisited)
A sweet and mysterious lullaby, sung in Sardinian Gallurese language. From a father to his son. The day turns into night, the stars are rising and the baby is rocked by his father’s voice into his mother’s arms. From the mountain the father wish to his son a good and peaceful night.