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Safir Nou

About Safir Nou

Safir Nou is a project that blends instrumental music between chamber and post-rock.
Since their first album, Groundless (2017), the band has received numerous accolades in both national and international music publications and blogs.
Their debut album was even chosen in France as one of the best European releases on Bandcamp.
Their latest album, Liminal (2021), has garnered even more critical acclaim, winning the prestigious Mario Cervo Award for best production of the year in Sardinia, as well as being selected by Canada’s NBTMusicRadio as one of the best 300 independent albums in the world.
In Italy, Rumore and Rockit have praised Liminal as an “intriguing, beautiful, and innovative” album.

Safir Nou has collaborated with a number of renowned artists, including actor Neri Marcorè for a reading-performance on Cesare Pavese, where the music from Groundless was featured on tour in Piedmont.
They’ve also worked with Joe Perrino, Chiara Effe, Lia Careddu, Gianluca Pischedda, Matteo Leone, and Yaacob Gonzalez Garcìa.

Guitarist Antonio Firinu even contributed classical guitar parts to Iosonouncane’s album DIE, which was hailed as the best album in Italy between 2015 and 2016.

Safir Nou is active in the national music scene and has performed at various international instrumental and film music festivals, including Nora Jazz (CA), European Jazz Expo (CA), Pazza Idea Festival (CA), Calagonone Jazz (NU), Pavese Festival (CN), Summer is Mine (SU), Creuza de mà (SU), Andaras (SU), and more. Liminal, their latest album, explores the liminal dimension, the concept of being suspended between two well-defined states but independent of them, and the journey of searching for another condition, an unresolved feeling, an unspoken word, migration, and transformation.

With their unique blend of chamber and post-rock music, Safir Nou continues to captivate audiences around the world.

Safir Nou band
Antonio Firinu: Main Composer, Classical, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Accordion and synth
Ivana Busu: synth, elettronic, accordion
Sergio Tifu: violin
Andrea Lai: Bass and Double-Bass
Antonio Pinna: Drums