Cinematic Guitar Journeys

Russ McRee

About Russ McRee

Meet Russ McRee, a visionary studio-based guitarist, composer, and producer on a relentless pursuit of artistic evolution. While live performances have taken a back seat, McRee‘s commitment to refining his craft shines through as he channels his efforts into creating music primed for the realms of film, TV, video, and advertising.

McRee‘s compositions, showcased in his upcoming collection titled “Pasts and Premonitions,” are a testament to his dedication and versatility. Through intricate guitar arpeggios, cinematic themes, and a seamless fusion of genres, McRee paints sonic landscapes that transcend traditional boundaries.

Russ McRee‘s ability to craft emotive and memorable compositions, influenced by various genres and artists, showcases his distinctive personal style.

Get ready for a musical experience that transcends boundaries and invites listeners into the evocative world of Russ McRee’s sonic storytelling.