Merveilles” is an album by Pablo Montanelli that reflects on the aftermath of the destructive storm Alex that passed through the Royá and Vésubie valleys in France in October 2020.
The album is a tribute to the resilience of nature and the people working towards reconstruction.

Pablo composed and performed the album on piano in Saorge, France, while the mixing and mastering were done by Agustín Silberleib in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The cover design was created by Anouk Migeon, and the graphic design was done by Yohaksson Arias.

Pablo Montanelli is a versatile artist from Buenos Aires who is known for his unique style that combines traditional tango with contemporary sounds. He began his career in the 90s playing Tango with the Fratelli Branka duet, and later traveled to Europe with Kabaret Xquisit, where he continued to mix tango and other sounds. He has released several albums and has gained recognition for his melodic and introspective piano playing.

With “Merveilles,” Pablo Montanelli has created an album that not only showcases his artistic talent but also highlights the importance of environmental conservation. The album is a beautiful reminder of the resilience of nature and the need to take action to protect it.

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